Sunday, January 30, 2011

Minecraft: Colliding Worlds - Part 2

July 15th

At the dawn of a new day, I set off into the sunrise.

As I looked out along the landscape, I did not come across any demons that I had heard during the night. Perhaps they did not appear among the light.

After a little while, I found a small dugout in a large hill. It felt...homely. I decided to modify it slightly and inhabit it for the time being, as night was approaching. After a few changes, my makeshift home was complete, and darkness descended upon me.

Boredom set in. To take my mind of the howls of the dead, I began to dig. I dug and dug and dug. It was all I could think of doing.

While digging into the Earth, I came across a freshwater stream leading into a dark, unfriendly cave. Dwarf instincts took over, and I perused it.
Not far into this cave, I heard a rustling. Sword at the ready, I slowly crept into the darkness. Sudenly, a white arrow flew to my direction! It smashed into my armor, doing only minimal damage. Before I could consciously react, my body had already responded, swinging the sword into the darkness. I felt it contact with something hard, and the thing stopped moving. I lit the area around me, and saw a skeleton laying crumpled on the floor. The sight sent chills through my body. I continued on, warily.

After scavenging the cave for any useful resources, I backtracked and planned to follow another route. However, before I began, I saw something lumbering out of the darkness. It was terrifying, and I had never seen it before in my life. I lunged at it with my sword, and it flew back into the wall upon contact with my sword. Then it made the most peculiar sizzling sound. I decided to rush backwards. Moments later, I realized this was a very good move.

The creature had quite literally exploded, leaving a charred hole in its wake. Peering past it into the darkness, I decided never to step foot in that direction. Immediately, I walled it up, and retreated back to my man-made tunnel.
I decided to briefly return to the surface, and smelt the iron I had recovered. Noticing it was daylight, I no longer cared. I returned to my tunnel, and dug deeper.

After a short while, I broke through the roof of yet another natural cave. The sight was nerve-racking.
A terrible creature I could only describe as a zombie greeted me, moaning horrifically. I decided it was in my best interest to put it out of its misery. Boldly, I jumped into the cave and slayed it.

After a quick search for additional threats turned up nothing, I lit the cave and harvested any resources. I had almost left, when I noticeda small opening in the wall that led to an unexplored area. I entered it.

A small hallway carved itself deep into the Earth, almost looking like a pair of stairs. This was too...unique to not explore. The darkness beckoned me forward. I had to follow.

After the reaching the bottom, I found a small cave. I decided that since the surface was so far away, I would build another makeshift base in this "room" and rest before continuing on.
Despite the fact that the passage had ended here, I felt confident that something was here. I simply needed to find it. I was confident I would. I had to. I could not bear knowing so little about the situation at hand. I needed answers, and something about this place insisted that it had them.

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