Sunday, April 26, 2009

Apple's percentage of the US PC market falls to 7.4%

What's that I hear? It sounds like...a recession! Right outside the door! Looks like people can't afford to pay the Apple Tax when they have the more important Income Tax shitting all over their wallets. Maybe if you lowered your stupid fucking prices Apple, people would start buying your shit products again like the morons they are. But when America is in the middle of a recession, you can only choose one:

a) High Prices

b) Shitty Products

"Baby Shaker" App removed from iPhone App Store - Disregard for Freedom Abundant

Apple removed an app from the app store, because it had supposedly received a lot of complaints. This is just another show of Apple's malicious restricting of their own App Store. Apps have to be personally reviewed by Apple Employees, which is bullshit, and now App Stores are been pulled AFTER being given the green light?

If you approved the fucking app, you approved the fucking app! Is this a hard concept to understand? "We Just approved a law that bans rape. Oh no, all the rapists of the world are saying we should remove that law. Okay them, hooray for peer pressure!"

Not to mention the fact that the app was fucking awesome and removing it is a sin. It let you shake a crying baby. I can't possibly think of a better use for the iPhone than that.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Snow Leopard Feature Allows Screen Capture (!)

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. APPLE's new OS, Snow Leopard, is reported to have this awesome new feature where you can record on screen tasks. This has MADE Snow Leopard that more fucking awesome, with ANOTHER cool gadget to play with! This is obviously a lot better than the SHITTY GIMMICK programs that are free and all over the Windows Operating System. I'm so pumped for this new feature!

(Hint: Read the words in CapsLock to hear what I really think!)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Windows 7 - Basic Can't Change Background?!

Yeah yeah, this is an anti-Apple blog, but when Microsoft does something as stupid as this, it deserves to be mentioned.

The new Windows 7 Basic version can't change their background.


Yeah, what? That is fucking ridiculous. There are some ways around it, but it's possible the exploits will either

A) Be Fixed in the final build
B) Not be permanent

Microsoft, u r dum. Change it back.
(Because they will totally hear me)

PS: I got reports that its old but its news to me

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mac VS PC: Pricing

Everyone knows Macs are priced high, but some poeple would also lead you to believe that you are paying the extra for better "parts" or software.

Today's post will completely end this notion for Macs (not macbooks) once and for all.

I'm going to compare the price of a custom built PC to the price of a prebuilt Mac, to see the specs and price, and if the difference really is accounted for or not.

First complaint I can already hear pouring in: BUT CAWMBAT, IM 2 DUM 2 BUILT CIOMPUTER!!!11

Protip: get someone to build it for you. I'm sure there is SOMEONE who is willing to put it together for you. If there isn't put it together yourself, you pansy. It's pretty damn easy. If you are seriously lost, buy a guide by PC gamer or something, they have PC Builder Bible Issues.

Second complaint rushing in like a flood: BUT CAWMBAT, MAC OS X IS TTLY FUKN SUPERIOR 2 UR SHIT M$ LOL!!!!

As much as I disagree with you on that, there is a simple way around that. There are plenty of simple procedures that allow you to run Mac Leopard on any PC, and even dual boot between the two. So, both computers, the mac and the custom built, will run Leopard. All parts from the Custom Built PC will be bought from Newegg.

Without further ado, let the macfags get TOLD.

Mac: 2.66 GHZ Quad Core Intel
PC: 3.2 GHZ Quad Core Intel
WINNER: It's fairly obvious; the Custom Built.

Mac: 8GB DDR2 (4x2GB)
PC: 12GB DDR3 (6x2GB)
WINNER: Custom Built, especially since its DDr3 RAM.

Hard Drives
Mac: 3TB Hard Drive Space (3x1TB Drives)
PC: 4TB Hard Drive Space (4 x 1TB Drives)
WINNER: Custom Built.

Video Card
Mac: 2x nVidia GTX 120 (SLI)
PC: 2x nVidia GTX 285 (SLI)
WINNER: The Mac just got murdered. Custom Built wins.

Optical Drive
Mac: 18x SuperDrive DVD Burner/Reader
PC: Blu Ray and DVD Burner/Reader
WINNER: Custom Built.

Mac: Apple 24" Cinema Display
PC: 26" Monitor
Winner: Custom Built. Screen Size is bigger, response time is better, and max res will be the same.


Mac: -Unknown-
PC: eVGA ATX Classified Motherboard
WINNER: Definately the Custom Built. I don't know the Mac motherboard, but this mobo is almost 500 dollars, barely anything can beat it.

Power Supply
Mac -Unknown-
PC: 1200watt Power Supply
WINNER: Custom Built.

Mac: $4,498.00 USD
PC: $3,885.00 USD

Well, what do you know? the mac didn't win any of the categories. I sure didn't see this coming. At all. Totally.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Golden Rules of P2P

Lately I've been seeing some articles elsewhere about rules to follow as a pirate, and they So take from this what you will, but here's my official list of Golden Rules to follow while engaging in P2P activities.

Rule 1: Always, ALWAYS Seed to at Least a 1:1 Ratio

Seriously, if you don't follow this rule, you are going to Pirate Hell, where you will burn for an eternity. Upload as much as you download, or you are effectively killing P2P. This setup RELIES on Pirates sharing with each other, and without it, it will fail. If you don't seed to at least a 1:1 ratio, you are a thief among thieves. That's pretty low, mang.

Rule 2: Never Upload False or Harmful Torrents

If you do, you're a faggot. It's pretty straightforward.

Rule 3: If You Can Afford it, at the Very Least CONSIDER Buying It

It really doesn't hurt to pay for something once in a while. Support the people who spend hard work into their projects, if you think they really deserve it and you have the cash.

Follow these Three Golden Rules, and you're all set. If you break them, especially the first two, you can go burn in hell, you scurvy dog.

The iPod Shuffle - Update!

OH man, the iPod Shuffle can't just die, can it? Apple has come out with a new version of the famously terrible "iPod Shuffle" and idea so stupid that it should win some kind of award. The original was bad enough, but this is getting ridiculous.

The new version of the iPod Shuffle is so ingenious, the actual player doesn't come with controls. Yeah, that's right. The controls are stuck onto the headphones. And since Apple's headphones have been known to be notoriously shitty, this is a pretty bad idea.

Hey guys, I'm going to use my iPod Shuffle now, just let me get those $150 dollar headphones I bought for it-

WHAT? No controls?!

Smooth, Apple.

Also, it's a great show of Apple Tax in action. This littl chunk of text from another website will explain:

All told, the cost of the shuffle's components, the headphones, and the packaging it ships in comes to $21.77, according to iSuppli's estimates. That's about 28% of the device's retail price.

the iPod Shuffle costs $22 dollars to make. I realize that doesn't factor in the cost of the designing and "research" went into creating this, but think about it. It's just the original Shuffle, with no buttons. There wasn't much of a change at all. 72% profit for a thing like this is atrocious, and a true example of the Apple Tax.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seriously, Mang

PS: I'm starting this blog back up due to boredom and the fact that I'm raging at everything lately and need a place to vent. (Also yes, I stated, when i first created it, that this blog would be used for things other than Apple Stuff too)

I saw an interesting Comment on Kotaku today in a news post about Sony PSP Piracy today.

That's why demos, reviews, previews, videos, screenshots, news articles, and forums exist. If you still manage to buy a game that is utter shit, even with all of these resources available to you, you have no one to blame for wasting your money other than yourself. It isn't the publisher's fault. It isn't the developer's fault. You were a stupid consumer. Period.

-Anonymous (I Don't Remember His Name, Deal W/ It Nerd)
Needless to say, I was actually quite concerned. This man's logic was indeed quite appalling.

Let's look at a similar scenario that follows this same train of logic:

Oh, hey there you guys. I'm just on my way to work, as a police officer. I don't really feel like working today though, so I think I'll just slack off all day. If someone across the street from me gets shot by a criminal, I guess it's just their fault for going outside today, not my fault for not actually doing my job properly.


If real life actually worked like that, we would all be FUCKING DEAD.

However, let me be serious here. I don't try to defend acts of Piracy as "Mang, we're fucking Robin Hood and shit! STICK IT TO DA MAN!!!!" These people are just trying to appeal to their guilty consciences because they stole something. This is wrong. Piracy is stealing, I'm not trying to be all mighty and covering my shit by saying "LOL I R RIGHTEOUS". It's thievery, no matter how you look at it, and the sooner these LOL RIGHTEOUS Pirates realize that, the better. That still doesn't allow ignorant people like our commenter here to sling stupid shit around.

Piracy is a ( mostly) victimless crime. Yeah, I said it, faggots. If the person didn't plan to actually buy it in the first place, or was PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE of purchasing it, and they pirate it, who is being harmed? Oh right, no one! There's no lost sale, there's no lost copy (its just lines of code, people), there's no nothing.

Of course, some people respond with "But Cawmbat, you ignorant faggot, if someone is physically incapable of buying something (poorfags), they shouldn't be allowed to have it. That's the whole point of money!"

I'd say you are right, and you are wrong. This kind of logic only applies to physical objects. If I go and steal a banana from a store, simply because I couldn't afford it, it isn't a victimless crime. Someone had to grow that banana, factor in its size for shipping, and store it. But if I go download a movie from Demonoid or The Pirate Bay because I couldn't afford it, no one loses anything, it's not a physical copy of something. I guess you could compare it to a concept or idea, not something concrete.

In conclusion, both sides of the PIRACY WAR LOL annoy me. The ones who don't just deal with their actions and admit they steal ,and those who think Piracy is the end of the fucking world as we know it.

The bottom line, when I wake up some day, and video games no longer exist because of piracy, you can come and say "I told you so". Until then, shut the fuck up, because that day isn't coming.