Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Baby Shaker" App removed from iPhone App Store - Disregard for Freedom Abundant

Apple removed an app from the app store, because it had supposedly received a lot of complaints. This is just another show of Apple's malicious restricting of their own App Store. Apps have to be personally reviewed by Apple Employees, which is bullshit, and now App Stores are been pulled AFTER being given the green light?

If you approved the fucking app, you approved the fucking app! Is this a hard concept to understand? "We Just approved a law that bans rape. Oh no, all the rapists of the world are saying we should remove that law. Okay them, hooray for peer pressure!"

Not to mention the fact that the app was fucking awesome and removing it is a sin. It let you shake a crying baby. I can't possibly think of a better use for the iPhone than that.


  1. I'd say "Punch a crying baby" but the iPhone is, understandably, a rather fragile bit of equipment.

  2. On the plus side Enigmers, you WOULD be killing two birds with one stone :3