Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mac VS PC: Pricing

Everyone knows Macs are priced high, but some poeple would also lead you to believe that you are paying the extra for better "parts" or software.

Today's post will completely end this notion for Macs (not macbooks) once and for all.

I'm going to compare the price of a custom built PC to the price of a prebuilt Mac, to see the specs and price, and if the difference really is accounted for or not.

First complaint I can already hear pouring in: BUT CAWMBAT, IM 2 DUM 2 BUILT CIOMPUTER!!!11

Protip: get someone to build it for you. I'm sure there is SOMEONE who is willing to put it together for you. If there isn't put it together yourself, you pansy. It's pretty damn easy. If you are seriously lost, buy a guide by PC gamer or something, they have PC Builder Bible Issues.

Second complaint rushing in like a flood: BUT CAWMBAT, MAC OS X IS TTLY FUKN SUPERIOR 2 UR SHIT M$ LOL!!!!

As much as I disagree with you on that, there is a simple way around that. There are plenty of simple procedures that allow you to run Mac Leopard on any PC, and even dual boot between the two. So, both computers, the mac and the custom built, will run Leopard. All parts from the Custom Built PC will be bought from Newegg.

Without further ado, let the macfags get TOLD.

Mac: 2.66 GHZ Quad Core Intel
PC: 3.2 GHZ Quad Core Intel
WINNER: It's fairly obvious; the Custom Built.

Mac: 8GB DDR2 (4x2GB)
PC: 12GB DDR3 (6x2GB)
WINNER: Custom Built, especially since its DDr3 RAM.

Hard Drives
Mac: 3TB Hard Drive Space (3x1TB Drives)
PC: 4TB Hard Drive Space (4 x 1TB Drives)
WINNER: Custom Built.

Video Card
Mac: 2x nVidia GTX 120 (SLI)
PC: 2x nVidia GTX 285 (SLI)
WINNER: The Mac just got murdered. Custom Built wins.

Optical Drive
Mac: 18x SuperDrive DVD Burner/Reader
PC: Blu Ray and DVD Burner/Reader
WINNER: Custom Built.

Mac: Apple 24" Cinema Display
PC: 26" Monitor
Winner: Custom Built. Screen Size is bigger, response time is better, and max res will be the same.


Mac: -Unknown-
PC: eVGA ATX Classified Motherboard
WINNER: Definately the Custom Built. I don't know the Mac motherboard, but this mobo is almost 500 dollars, barely anything can beat it.

Power Supply
Mac -Unknown-
PC: 1200watt Power Supply
WINNER: Custom Built.

Mac: $4,498.00 USD
PC: $3,885.00 USD

Well, what do you know? the mac didn't win any of the categories. I sure didn't see this coming. At all. Totally.


  1. I love how you're basically picking the best of the best of the best parts on the market (more or less) and then the price comparison is like a huge punchline. The really funny thing is, if you want a PC for gaming (and trust me, you do) there are tons of games that don't even run on a mac, and the ones that do have mac versions tend to be more expensive. As far as I know, STEAM refuses to run on macintoshes; that always makes me smile.

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