Saturday, April 25, 2009

Snow Leopard Feature Allows Screen Capture (!)

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. APPLE's new OS, Snow Leopard, is reported to have this awesome new feature where you can record on screen tasks. This has MADE Snow Leopard that more fucking awesome, with ANOTHER cool gadget to play with! This is obviously a lot better than the SHITTY GIMMICK programs that are free and all over the Windows Operating System. I'm so pumped for this new feature!

(Hint: Read the words in CapsLock to hear what I really think!)


  1. Didn't windows already have screen capturing, like, decades ago? What's Apples, slogan now, "Boldly going where PCs have been for the past ten years... but with more shiny."

  2. Apple advertized that whole ability to make backups automatically and recover deleted files as well a while back.
    "Boldy doing a worse, more space consuming job of where PC's have gone for the past ten years."